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🎁 Wrapped: The Weekly Web3 Newsletter 4.12.22

🎁 Wrapped: The Weekly Web3 Newsletter 4.12.22
By Futureproof • Issue #21 • View online
By @DepecheNode_

What can I get for less than 1 ETH?
If I had 1 ETH for every time I was asked that question I’d be running a large Ethereum validator operation. Here are 10 of my current favorite NFTs that cost less than 1 ETH. Yes, I own most of these NFTs. No, I’m not getting paid to promote anything. 
I’m about to shill my bags. This is not financial advice.
I’m about to shill my bags. This is not financial advice.
Depeche Node’s 10 Favorite NFTs for < 1 ETH
Price: .92 ETH
Why: XCOPY is considered by many as THE definitive OG web3 artist. It’s the most affordable entry point if you want to own anything by this legendary artist. Plus, XCOPY is building something bigger in the background…no promises, but owning a piece of his work may one day offer future access or benefits in the xcopy universe. 
Price: .40 ETH
Why: I’ve been following AJ Vaynerchuk since he bought his top hat cryptopunk over a year ago. AJ is one of the few people who gets it. He loves the NFT space, he owns a sports agency, he’s extremely well-connected, and he’s a genuinely good dude. I’m betting he can and will deliver VSP holders with amazing opportunities in the sports world (consistently). 
Price: 7.9 SOL
Why: Justin Mezzell (PROOF) is one of the founders and I’ve been impressed with the team’s dedication since launch. Most Solana PFPs look like hot garbage, but Grim Syndicate actually looks good. They’ve consistently delivered and built out their universe step by step. 
Price: .4 ETH
Why: Bobby Hundreds has been ALL IN since day one. He’s built a powerhouse streetwear brand and managed to stay relevant for 20 years. The bombs are fun, the team doesn’t cut corners, and Bobby views this as a wholistic ecosystem, not just a fun side project. ABS has already thrown multiple events for its holders and found ways to offer royalties from merch sales to its holders. I’m excited to see what’s next. 
Price: .16 ETH
Why: These guys have been consistently putting out NFT content for a long time. I honestly miss a lot of their stuff because I sleep through it, but all I know is that, unlike me, NFTnick and Pio are not lazy. The nifty portal is the inaugural access pass to their community. They’ve demonstrated for nearly a year now that they care and they want to build something long term.
Price: .34 ETH
Why: This project is fun, weird, and gives me mfer vibes. I scooped a few of these last week just in case the goops meme their way to the moon. The art has the potential to actually stand out in the same way that mfers do imo. 
Price: .08 ETH (and up)
Why: Pixel Vault has been a pioneer in NFT game theory and loves to keep everyone on their toes. They raised $100M and they’ve got a killer team to match. So while I’m a little weary on web3 ‘games’, pixel vault has proven they’re more than ready to tackle this challenge. Take a look at this one if you’re willing to be an active participant, otherwise you’ll get left behind. 
Price: .02 ETH
Why: This beautiful NFT was created as an extremely ‘high edition’ piece. Not only does this have a rich back story, but it’s another opportunity to own a piece of work from a legendary generative artist: Dmitri Cherniak. I liked this piece so much I ordered a signed physical, which is proudly hanging on our family room wall. 
Price: .58 ETH
Why: This is the lowest price I’ve seen since the tickets were airdropped to VeeFriends holders. Call me a Vaynersimp, but I don’t know how people keep trying to fade Gary V a full decade after he’s been building in public. His conference will be 10x better than NFT NYC, and I have a feeling the procrastinators will be paying a hefty premium on these tickets as the conference draws near.
Price: .8 ETH
Why: PREMINT has become the leading verification/whitelisting tool in the NFT space. As such, the company has access to valuable data, data which they plan on sharing with passholders. Factor in the team’s technical prowess and deep partnerships, and it’s easy to see why this might be something worth holding onto. 
Weekly Highlights
  • Weekly Winners:  PREMINT .8, PROOF 85, Ghxsts 12.4, Wolf Game .95
  • Weekly Losers: Alien Frens 1.8, Boss Beauties .95, FVCK Crystal 1, Azuki 22.5, mfers 3
DISCLOSURE: I own NFTs. Specifically, punk #2971 if you’d like to dig around.
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