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🧠 Gigabrain Newsletter - Issue #3

🧠 Gigabrain Newsletter - Issue #3
By Futureproof • Issue #3 • View online
Wrapped: The Weekly Web3 Newsletter (Edition #8) 
By @DepecheNode_

A More Perfect DAO
The Constitution DAO may have lost the bid to purchase a rare copy of the U.S. Constitution last week, but it won our hearts. Within 72 hours, the DAO raised $45M+ from over 17,000 people and gave the world a taste of web3’s power and promise. Ultimately, the DAO lost the bid to none other than a titan of the old world, Ken Griffin.  
*The ConstitutionDAO’s PFP. Nailed it
*The ConstitutionDAO’s PFP. Nailed it
Ken is the CEO of Citadel, one of the world’s largest hedge funds. He’s a perfect representation of the old financial system’s power and might. And though the ‘old world’ won this battle, the seeds of the web3 revolution have been firmly planted. DAO’s have made their debut on the world stage, and will be a force in the new economy, soon™.
*For those of you wondering wtf is a DAO, read this article by Coopahtroopah.
Hungry Like the Wolf
The brand new Wolf Game generated 12,000 ETH in sales volume over the weekend. I truly did write a full paragraph on this, but then I found out our very own @economist just wrote a quick article on the subject. You should go read it here. Or, if you’re extra lazy, here’s the intro from the Twitter account:
‘Thousands of Sheep and Wolves compete on a farm in the metaverse. A tempting prize of $WOOL awaits, with deadly high stakes. NFTs meet DeFi in this first-of-its-kind, fully on-chain risk protocol with novel tokenomics.’
Takeaway: it’s a novel game that introduces real risk & has lots of speculative buzz. Be careful out there, fast pumps can lead to fast dumps. Otoh, the game has generated enough $$$ that they could build this into an NFT version of farmville. 
Chain Wars: A Call for Peace
*let’s be like Oogway
*let’s be like Oogway
CT got ugly over the weekend. Real ugly. Here’s how to tweet in bad faith in five simple steps:
1. Highlight negatives of ‘X’
2. Ignore positives of ‘X’ 
3. Make the attack personal 
4. Eliminate nuance
5. Pump your bags
Can we just !vibe instead? The current environment feels like nations warring against each other instead of uniting to fight against the aliens. Web3 is & will be multi-chain and that’s great. Let’s work together instead of trying to tear each other apart.  
Weekly Highlights
  • Staples Center becoming the Arena
  • BAYC run cools off, Doodles floor rises to 3 ETH
  • Make it rain. The $$$ faucet is still ON:
  • Paradigm debuts $2.5 Billion VC fund 💰
  • Opensea prepping for new funding round at ~$10B valuation
  • Consensys plans to hire 400 employees after $200M raise
  • Alameda research to use defi for up to $1B in loans…aka no banks :)
  • raises $5M in series A round
  • Metamask surpasses 21M users
  • @Metahero_ opens Planet DAO claiming period for Metahero identity holders
  • Barbados looks to establish an embassy in the metaverse 🏛
  • NFL exploring NFT Ticket collectibles on Polygon
  • Indexcoop to launch $JPG, a blue-chip NFT index
  • Brave browser launches native crypto wallet
  • Binance integrates w/arbitrum, enables direct L2 ETH deposits. Wen Coinbase?
Market Vibes 
After enduring a solid dip last week, many fungible assets are on the road to recovery. AVAX just rage-pumped through the whole thing. The NFT market otoh is more of a mixed bag. PFPs in general had a great run up followed by a dip after their peak. Generative art projects finally seem to be on the road to recovery :fingers crossed:. Keep a close eye through the end of the year, crypto tends to get interesting in December. 
🚨DISCLOSURE: I own NFTs! I own punk #2971 if you’d like to dig around. 
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